Q: Do men have to wear ties and women dresses to your worship services?
A: We make every effort to make everyone feel comfortable at our services. You will see an array of dress from suit & tie and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.

If I attend your church, will you harass me and try to get me to attend again?
A: You should receive a letter from our pastor after your first and second visits. Be assured, we will respect your privacy.

Q: If I come to your church, what do you offer for my middle school or high school student?
A: We offer a variety of opportunities for your student from Sunday School and a contemporary worship service on Sunday mornings, and a student worship service (the attic) on Wednesday evenings during the school year. We also offer retreats, special programs, and concerts just for your middle or high school student.

If I come to your church, what do you offer for my children?
A: Children are an important part of our congregation. Sunday mornings, children nursery age through 5th grade have their own classes to attend during each of our worship services. During the school year we offer a children's program on Wednesday evenings. Year 'round we offer monthly fellowship times for children and their families. During the summer there are opportunities to attend camp and Vacation Bible School.

Q: How often does your church offer the Lord's Supper? Can I participate?
A: We offer the Lord's Supper every Sunday at each of our worship services. All who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are invited to participate.

Q: Someone said that she learned more about baptism after attending your church than she had ever learned before. Why is that?
A: Some churches emphasize the importance of baptism more than others. We believe, based upon the extensive teaching about baptism in the New Testament, that we must teach and explain this important subject as thoroughly as we can. A fuller, more detailed explanation can be found in the what we believe section of this web site.