Our church helps with the support of ten different missions. The missions we support represent a variety of projects. Some are benevolent, others are educational, and still others are evangelistic. NCC's goal is to give 20% of general fund offerings to the following missions:

Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch
Shiloh includes six homes in Missouri. Children from across the country find refuge and healing from violent, abusive, or neglectful homes. Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch provides a nurturing, stable, Christian environment for children in need of Christ's loving touch.

Camp Como
Each summer, over a thousand young people, including scores from NCC, attend at least one event at our camp, which is supported and maintained by Christian Churches all along the Front Range of Colorado and as far away as Nebraska and Kansas. Retreats and other activities take place throughout the year, too. Also, hundreds of adults from over 45 different churches take part in many other events.

Impact Colorado
There are many Christian students on the campuses of Colorado colleges and universities. Impact Colorado is a non-denominational Christian campus ministry at Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado. They are an authentic community pursuing God's truth in the culture of the college campus.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan
There are some three dozen undergraduate Bible colleges in the U.S. supported by our Christian Churches, but we have only one freestanding graduate seminary, Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan in Tennessee. This graduate school trains men and women for various church vocations such as missions, education, journalism, and ministry.

Summit Christian College
Our fellowship of Christian Churches has over 35 colleges around the country which educate students for a variety of career options but especially for ministry in the church. We choose to support Summit, not only because of its quality programs, but also because this Bible college is geographically closest to us. (Summit was formerly known as Platte Valley Bible College.)

Amor Ministries
Amor Ministries was founded in 1980 to provide housing for the homeless in Mexico. Amor seeks to be a servant of Jesus by serving those in spiritual and physical need. Amor volunteers provide assistance to the local churches in Tijuana and Puerto Peñasco, Mexico; and Delmas (Johannesburg), South Africa. Through the local churches, families are provided with shelter. Our own Andy Lyde is Amor's COO.

Each summer, a group of teens and adults from Northglenn Christian Church spends a week in Tijuana building a home for a Mexican family. The group not only provides a physical home but also a spiritual boost to the local church.

Christ for São Luís, Brazil:
John Navis and his family first went to Brazil with the intention of starting churches in order to bring the gospel to Brazilians. From an original team of four families, the Navis family alone remains in São Luís, but they have now started churches in Pirapora and São Francisco.

Church Planters of the Rockies
According to Jesus, his church exists to take the good news of salvation to all people on Earth. It has been proven over and over again that the best method for reaching unchurched people is to start new churches. That's why we support Church Planters of the Rockies, a mission that starts new churches all along Colorado's Front Range.

Jamaican Evangelism
Theo Miller leads this mission, which was founded by Lushington Bogle, a native Jamaican. Brother Theo leads the Claremont Church of Christ and Griefield Church of Christ, also working in Clover Hill and Pedro River.

Colegio Biblico
Pat Mahoney, who grew up in our church and was ordained here, serves as Academic Dean and teaches at this college with campuses in Eagle Pass, Texas and across the Rio Grande in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.