Prayer Requests

Need prayer or would you like for us to pray for someone?
Please contact the NCC office by phone or e-mail.

November 21

  • Ken Bunce has been given six months to live and is under the care of Hospice. Pray that the Lord will be with him and give him peace and relief from pain during the coming months.
  • Please pray for Geri Morales, Jeanie Bailor, Teri Lujan, & Bernice Maes; currently all are suffering from pneumonia.
  • Praise to the Lord! Ronie Jalving has found a job!
  • Pray that Vance Pleasant will be able to find a place to live by November 30.
  • Frank, Joan Ammerman’s son’s minister in Missouri, is heading to Mexico for cancer treatment. Pray that the Lord will be with him throughout treatment and hopeful recovery following it.
  • Praise for those who attended the Women’s Luncheon. Pray that the Spirit of God stirs families to works of love in Christ that will be a blessing to others in and out of our church.
  • Please pray for Jim Westbrook.
  • UPDATE: Pray for Joni; she started chemo on Friday and has eight more weeks before they can look into surgery again. Prayers also are asked for Sarah’s grandparents in Nebraska. Joni, Sarah’s mother, had been going to see them every other week to check on them and visit and Sarah is unable to visit that frequently.
  • UPDATE: Lorraine Buckelew praises the Lord and thanks the church for the outpouring of yarn she received for her blanket ministry! With your help, she will be able to continue making blankets for retirements and the Vets for two more years!
  • Pray for travel mercies for all those who are traveling this week and with the upcoming Christmas season.
  • Praise!! What a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner we had, once again! Thank you to all who donated food, money, and time to make this another HUGE success! Thank you to those who cooked turkeys, participated in the potato party, and served during the dinner! So many lives are touched through this meal, and we were able to see so many new faces! Thank you, Leader Shelly Becker and your many volunteer troops!
  • Please be in prayer for KaCy Gonzales. A candle caught fire in her home last night and she was able to put it out...but it was with her hands. She saved her home and family, but has third degree burns on her hands. Be in prayer for KaCy for healing!
  • Prayers are asked for Abby McAnally. She stubbed the second toe on her left foot and it may be broken.
  • Rachael & Justin Blaske ask you to pray for the Lord to give them parenting strength and wisdom.
  • Please pray for Dan Hersman’s ring finger that was injured in a bad electrical burn that even broke his wedding ring! If the burn does not heal, he will need a graft.
  • Praise! Carolann had successful cataract surgery on her first eye. She hopes for the same outcome when the second eye is done.
  • Trish and Dan Cookson are elderly and struggling to know how to care for themselves. They need guidance regarding healthcare decisions. Please lift up Trish and Dan for the Lord to give them the help they need.
  • Prayers are needed for Aiden Foster who wants God’s help in making the right choices.
  • Please keep Diane Cox in your prayers. Diane has been having extreme dizzy spells and other health issues.
  • Please keep Danielle & Destanie Valentine in your prayers as they struggle with having a healthy relationship with their dad & stepmom.
  • Lift up James Lewis in your prayers for the Lord’s help with his mental and spiritual health.
  • Pat Renner is in need of prayers. She is in New York and broke her ankle. She has to be in rehab for at least three weeks.
  • Pray for Nadine Narris, Judy Renner’s secretary, and her brother in Florida who lost his home to a fire after surviving the hurricane.
  • Frank Amitrano is in need of your prayers. He has been hospitalized for a few weeks and is now receiving dialysis treatment three days a week in a rehab center.

November 20

  • Janice Waggoner asks you to please pray for her friend, Carolyn. She is in Houston with family for Thanksgiving. She fell and has a compound fracture of an ankle. Carolyn is 84 and will have surgery Wednesday. She won’t be coming home for a while.

November 16

  • Corrie Alvarez’s dad, Jim, will be having eye surgery to try to restore vision in his eye because his intraocular implant lens fell down into the eye. The surgery, scheduled for December 7th, is expected to allow him to see once again. Please pray for Jim, his family, and the medical team and that the surgery will be successful.

November 14

  • Lyle Troutman was taken to the hospital this morning. Many tests were run and the doctors have determined it was muscle spasms, which was great news as the thought was it may have been another stroke. They have everything under control and have allowed Lyle to go home! Please lift up Lyle and Nona as they rest, re-visit the doctor, and recover from a day of unwanted excitement.
  • Linda Rea was also taken to the hospital this morning. Her blood sugar was dangerously low, and continued to fluctuate on the ambulance ride over and in the hospital room. Please lift up Linda, Harold, and their family as they await results and stay under medical care.

November 13

  • Linda Garoutte’s mother fell and broke her shoulder. She is in the hospital for a night or so because she cannot use her arms now to push herself up. Pray for a smooth recovery and return to her daily routine.
  • Praise the Lord! We had been asked to pray over Marc Wallis and his job search and he received a phone call from an employer who has reserved a position for him and snagged him an orientation position which had originally been filled up! Totally a God moment and an answer to prayers!
  • Diane Cox asks for your prayers. She’s having complications from the diet she’s been on as well as the exercise she’s been doing along with the diet.
  • Pray for Nick Carroll, Jr. who has been struggling with addiction. Pray for his mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Praise! Danielle Valentine is doing awesome at school! She’s on the Honor Roll, had perfect attendance, and has a 3.125 GPA!
  • Prayers are needed for Nancy as she begins diving deeper into God’s word!
  • Please pray for Valerie Bliss’ aunt who needed emergency exploratory surgery. Pray for her children and family to have peace in God’s will for her life.
  • Pray for Brandon Bliss. He has an interview with CDO!
  • UPDATE: Isaac Becker is still in need of prayer for learning at his facility.
  • Praise God for the success of the craft fair! And give thanks to all who contributed well-crafted and interesting items that encouraged sales to all who came to help support the church’s Camp Como budget.
  • UPDATE: Chloe Becker still needs prayers as she still is having chemo. They think her count is going down; pray that this is the case.
  • Pray for Victor McMullin who is recovering from surgery and is in a coma.
  • Please continue to lift up Keith in prayer.
  • UPDATE: Ann Burke will appreciate your continuing prayers for her and her health.
  • Shawn & Sicily Mattern’s family asks you to pray for healing as they have been dealing with lots of sickness!
  • UPDATE: Please continue to pray for an ease of pain for Buster Kamakaris. Thank you so much for all of the prayers already said. Wife Dee reports all of the prayers are keeping her strong and encouraged as well!

November 11

  • Praise the Lord! Carol Hellyer was finally able to have her surgery! Everything went great and she is recovering now! We have restarted her Meal Train! Please consider blessing her and her family with a meal!

November 7

  • Ericka Uribes asks for prayers for her cousin’s wife, Tanya Slavin. She has been diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. They are looking at treatment options, but know the Lord has the power to heal and are asking as many people to pray as possible. They thank you for your help.
  • Please be in prayer for Tammy Hatfield’s friend, Rick Regalado. He had to have a fusion done in his back and as one can imagine, he is still recovering and dealing with pain.
  • Please pray for Joni who is awaiting results of cancer diagnosis at St. Joseph.

November 6

  • Serving Opportunity! Are you looking for your OUT that Pastor David has put on the church’s heart? HALO is hosting their “Chili & Crackers” project this Saturday, November 11th, and they are in need of two more volunteers to help serve chili to the homeless! They will meet here at NCC at 1:00 p.m. to carpool or you can meet them downtown at St. Francis Center at 2:00 p.m. Please contact the church office or KaCy Gonzales with questions or to volunteer.
  • Please continue to lift up Ann Johnson and her health.
  • UPDATE: Praise the Lord! Linda Garoutte is doing much better!
  • Pray for Marc Wallis to secure his employment opportunity and structure his life to make the best. He needs to get orientation training. God, bless him in turning to You for hope, faith, & love.
  • Prayers are requested for the Jones’ daughter, Kim, who has to move out of her apartment by the end of this month due to renovations. Kim has a full time temp job that ends in 2.5 months.
  • Eddie & Amanda need prayers for spiritual salvation.
  • Please lift up the Powers as they deal with a virus and sinus infections. Pray for quick healing/recovery!
  • Brian Mitchell needs your prayers for him and for his job search.
  • Please continue to lift up Scott Lane, the person who stepped up to donate a kidney, passed many qualifying tests, and then had to come to Denver for more testing. She had high blood pressure and things are unsure now.
  • Carolann Walters asks for your prayers as she has her first cataract surgery. Pray for Carolann and for her medical team.
  • Linda Rae needs continuing prayers as she is dealing with multiple health issues.
  • Please pray for Kristi Bennett who is suffering from thyroid problems.
  • Bob Hill asks you to pray that he will heal quickly and fully!
  • Prayers are needed for Bobbie who has Stage IV lung cancer.
  • Lift up Kathleen. Her job came to a sudden end after 20 years.
  • Pray for Melissa who was at the Vegas shooting and is now suffering from PTSD.
  • Please be in prayer for Aaron. Pray that Jesus touches his heart and that he accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior!
  • The Sutherland Springs Church in Texas needs the Lord’s love and help. Pray for those who were at church when the shooting happened, for those who lost loved ones, for those who will suffer with PTSD after living through the tragedy, and for all those who live in the area.

November 3

  • Carol Hellyer reports: My new surgery date is November 9th at 7 am, North Suburban hospital. Pray it gets done this time and all goes well so I can start to feel better.

November 2

  • UPDATE: Pastor David went to see Bill and Tomie Bailey today. Tomie is still very frail, but David said she looked good! They are back home now and hospice is set up and ready to care for Tomie. Please continue to lift them both up in prayer as they take things day by day.
  • UPDATE: Buster Kamakaris will go home today. He has decided to move forward with radiation. Please continue to lift up Buster and Dee in your prayers!
  • UPDATE: Carol Hellyer’s surgery was postponed once again. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she awaits a new surgery date.

October 31

  • Tomie Bailey has been admitted to St. Anthony’s Hospital, 11600 West 2nd Place in Lakewood, CO (720-321-0000) with problems swallowing and mucus passing into her lungs which compounds her pneumonia condition. Tomie is in room 626. Please lift up Tomie and her husband, Bill, in your prayers. Pray for Tomie’s health (physical, emotional, spiritual) and for Bill who is concerned about driving, medical costs, and home-health options.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to lift up Dee & Buster Kamakaris. They have spent the day in the hospital as Buster has a severe blockage. Decisions are being made on how/if they should move forward with treatment or home care. Please keep them in your prayers as they make incredibly tough decisions.

October 30

  • UPDATE: Pray for Carol Hellyer who will have surgery on Wednesday at North Suburban for a defibrillator and pacemaker. Please lift up Carol, her family, and the medical staff as they prepare for this surgical procedure.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Buster Kamakaris – spiritually and physically – and for pain relief! While you are lifting up Buster, please keep his wife, Dee, and their family in your prayers as well!
  • UPDATE: Ann Burke asks that you continue praying for and her health. She thanks you for prayers to date.
  • Please be in prayer for Diane Cox as she is in need of three more kiddos in her Daycare.
  • Pray for Jim Lewis and for the Lord to help him mentally and spiritually.
  • Alan Housley also needs prayers for the Lord to strengthen him spiritually and physically.
  • Please be in prayer for Jamie Alling as she was put on new meds to slow her heart rate.
  • UPDATE: Chloe B still needs prayers. She has cancer and they are giving her lots of chemo.
  • Priscilla Walker had some surgery today. Pray for rapid recovery for Priscilla.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to lift up the Richardson family and the Tom Pond family as they continue to grieve the loss of loved ones and begin to move forward with life after loss.
  • Dee Hartman needs your prayers. She had to have emergency gallbladder surgery while on vacation!
  • UPDATE: Praise the Lord! Terri Fountain’s biopsy came back negative.
  • Please be in prayer for Janice. She is having a dental procedure tomorrow. Pray that there is enough bone so that the implants will hold and be successful!
  • Isaac Becker is thinking along the right path! Please join the family in praying for action.
  • Praise the Lord! All of the Garoutte boarders now have jobs, AND Linda is recovering well from her foot surgery!
  • Please be in prayer for William who has an eye infection and problems with the lens. He is under doctor’s care with aggressive treatment.
  • Prayers are needed for Frank Amitrano who has health challenges and suffered a fall recently. He has been in the hospital about two weeks and will hopefully leave soon for rehab where he will undergo dialysis.

October 25

  • We are sorry to report that Marv Richardson passed away on Monday. His wife Stella and all of their kids are together in grieving the loss of their favorite family member. Please lift up the whole family in prayers as they reminisce over Marv’s great life. A service will be held at Northglenn Christian Church on Saturday, at 11:00 a.m. with a lunch to follow.
  • Please be in prayer for Katie in Utah. Her husband Keith was killed in a car accident this week. Please lift up this family as they try to maneuver through life and their grief.
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