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June 23

*Pam Young has a friend who is struggling right now. She is not in a very good place spiritually or emotionally. Her name is Tamera. Please pray that God can reach her and that she accepts his love.

*Monte Pescador received this request from one of his classmates:  Hey, can you help me get a prayer chain going for Micheal Bass's little boy named Dakota Miller. They had to life flight him. He shot himself and he's on life support. Forward this to everyone you can please! It's really appreciated.

June 20

  • Emily Axelrod seeks your prayers. She recently suffered a miscarriage and is praying for a healthy baby to come from this heartache.
  • Arlene Austin asks for prayers for Hope Bagley, her 90-year-old aunt, who has cancer of the mouth. She will have surgery next week. Pray for strength, for hope, and for healing.

June 19

  • Please be in prayer for Josh Arnold. He will complete his final tests this Monday and Tuesday and will soon return home!
  • The Bible Bowlers will be heading to Kansas City for Nationals and the North American Christian Convention. Please keep the whole team in your prayers.
  • Monte Pescador and all GCU Divinity students are in Phoenix for a week of intensive class and study under more intense heat. Please keep them in your prayers for travel mercies and successful class completion.
  • Lift up Harold Rea as he has been stuck with a cough and cold for quite some time and just can’t seem to shake it!
  • Prayers are asked for Carol Hart’s grandson. He turned 13 and is facing all new challenges. Please pray over his heart, and over his grandparents & Mom as they attempt to steer him in the right direction!

June 13

  • Dale and Ann Johnson ask you to pray for Jack M.
  • Judy, Myra Escue’s friend, was in a bad car accident a couple of weeks ago. She broke her back and currently is in a back brace and in a rehab center. Pray for Judy that pain will be controlled and healing goes well.
  • Anne Burke has health issues and asks that you lift her up for healing from the Lord.
  • Priscilla Aragon asks prayers for Joanelle Lathrop, Brookely Lathrop, Brian Kroll, Melody Duran, and Richard M.
  • Paula Seller’s family, at their own decision, decided to remove life support to end suffering. Al Morgan says a memorial service is planned for mid-July.
  • Nancy Brooks asks that you lift up: Terry Dorcas who is in remission, Emily Brooks and Baby Kayden to make it through the hot summer, Ashley Sandoval who is taking a 2>nd job and will need some time to rest, Kenny Slavik whose whereabouts are unknown, but needs prayers for peace.
  • Janet DeAnda asks for the Lord to give her continued healing.
  • Della and John Martinez ask that you please pray for Keaya Campbell and the Martinez family.
  • Gary and Monica Romo say prayers are needed for the Romo family, Jacob Perez, Alex Perez and the Placenco family.
  • Matt Lather is not doing well. Kandee Despard thanks you for continued prayers for Matt.

June 12

  • The Sichlers ask prayers for Bonnie Ferril who has personal needs, Butch Ferril who also has personal needs, and Mike Dersham with physical needs.
  • Gary & Mirita Moore would like prayers for Murph Boston who is suffering with lung cancer.
  • Roger Blakley starts stem cell treatment on the 15th for Leukemia. Neil and Vi Robinson ask that you pray for the Lord’s help for Roger.
  • Micah and Rebeca pray for the Lord to help their family to be healthy and happy. Please lift them up to the Lord.
  • The Richardsons have a number of friends who need your prayers: Joanelle Lathrop, Brookely Lathrop, Brian Kroll, Melody Duran, and Richard M.
  • Reeda Barber reports that Joe is in Hospice; he and Sheila need prayers. Carrie and Derick need the Lord’s help to heal from surgery, Jenny E. has cancer, and Linda will have back surgery. Your prayers will help these needy people.
  • Kim and Linda Garoutte report that Glenn Pope is out of the hospital – Praise the Lord! Pray for continued strength and healing.
  • UPDATE: Lynda Bahn is in Longmont United Hospital, struggling with a flare-up of MS.
  • Monte and Rebecca ask that you pray for them as Monte goes to Phoenix after VBS for the GCU Divinity & Theology Residency Week. Temperatures are expected to be above 110 degrees during their stay.
  • Terri Fountain wants you to pray for Bruce Thomas, a young man who is homeless and needs a job.
  • Carol Alling says Jamie Alling had tests at the hospital today for heart-related problems. Please lift her up to the Lord.
  • Alex Erickson is a 10-year-old who lives in MN with his Dad in someone’s basement. Dannie and Janice Hersman ask you to lift this young man up for Christian influence in his life.
  • Luke and Patricia Oversole need prayers that their packing goes well for a move they will make the end of the month.

June 6

  • UPDATE: Myra Escue stopped in to see Janice today. She is doing well, but ready to go home and have some real food! Janice’s kids met with doctors this afternoon to determine a rehab an exit plan!
  • UPDATE: Lavinia Housely is home on hospice. She had lots of visitors this morning ready to love on Grandma, and she is ready for a nap with a heart full of love! Keep Lavinia, the medical team, and the whole family in your prayers!

June 5

  • Please pray over Savannah. Ask for God’s help for her to return to the Lord. She accepted and loved Christ as a child, but now doesn’t follow him. Pray for Savannah and for those in her life to shine as a bright example!
  • Please lift up Paula Bogle. She was brave enough to have both of her knees replaced this year and continues to recover. Please keep Paula and Mo in your prayers.
  • Please pray for Karma Kitto’s mother, Norma. She went to the ER with a heart condition this week. She will pull through, but accommodations will have to be made to Karma’s parents' lives. Pray for guidance as they maneuver as a family.
  • Praise the Lord! Karma Kitto has had some good medical news and was able to worship here with us Sunday!
  • Prayers are needed for Jennifer Homa as she faces another surgery.
  • UPDATE: Janice Sponseller has been moved to the Center at North Ridge! She is doing much better, but would love to have some visitors! She is in Room 348.
  • Kim and Linda Garoutte ask for your prayers for Linda's father who is in ICU at University Hospital in Denver for emergency heart surgery.
    Linda's Dad is out of ICU and recovering well. The specialist declared the heart problem was a false alarm. He did have to get an arterial graft repair in his hip area. Give thanks to God.
  • Glenn Pope has another minor surgery to do a skin graft at the artery site to protect it better.

June 2

  • UPDATE: Janice’s daughter reports that Janice is stable. The decision is being made as to whether she will go home or to rehab in a few days. The Dr. thinks they have the bleeding under control. They are keeping her quiet and giving her pain meds for head pain. A stroke affected her left side. Prayers need to continue for Janice’s recovery and that the bleeding has ended and for the anxiety of the family.

June 1

  • Please be in prayer for Janet DeAnda, she will have a bone density test done before moving on to radiation. Prayers for the whole process and for peace and patience as the medical staff does their best!

May 31

  • UPDATE: Please continue to lift Janice Sponseller and her family up in prayer. Yesterday was left in great spirits and a positive neuro test; this morning’s scan, however, shows bleeding on the brain where the blood clot was removed. Because of Janice’s factor V, bleeding is a big concern. The doctors are doing their best to get the bleeding under control and a next step plan is in place. Continue to pray over the medical staff and Janice’s family as they anxiously await answers and another CT Scan.

May 30

  • Janice Sponseller was taken to the ER this morning. The thought was that it was a stroke, but upon further investigation there was a blood clot in her brain and she was rushed to Swedish for emergency surgery. Her daughter has called to tell us the surgery went great, and Janice is in good spirits. Please keep Janice, her family, and the Swedish staff in your prayers.

May 29

  • Pray for Lavinia Housely, for comfort and strength and that she will hear and feel God’s love all around her.
  • Praise the Lord for His love! Camille Butler sends a huge thank you to the congregation at NCC for the love, and prayers she and Tom’s family have felt during this hard time. Please keep the whole Butler family in your prayers.
  • Please pray over the Kline family, while they travel out of the country.
  • The Garoutte family can use your prayers. Car troubles can just be so frustrating! Pray for a clear path to a solid solution.

May 25

  • Myra Escue was able to go home from the hospital Tuesday, and did not need surgery! Praise the Lord! She will rest up at home and will have a check up with the doctor if need be.
  • Janet DeAnda is home as well, and feeling great! She will continue to visit the doctor throughout the next month as they await results.