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September 18 

*UPDATE: Myra went to see Lynda Bahn today and she was back in her chair! She is feeling much better, but still needs help standing so she cannot move from her chair to the bed herself. She is not rushing going home this time, wants to make sure she is totally ready before transitioning back! She was outside enjoying the weather when Myra arrived, praise the Lord!

*Please be in prayer for Carol Martz who is experiencing severe leg pain.

*Please continue to lift up the Becker Family.

*UPDATE: Dee & Buster thank everyone for their prayers! Prayer is all they are in need of right now, so continue to lift them and their family up in your daily prayers!

*Justin Blaske almost cut off the tip of his left index finger and he needs prayers for healing.

*Praise God! Jeromie was offered a job!

*Linda Garoutte’s Mother was admitted to ICU last night. Please pray for comfort and better health and that she will be ready to meet God.

*Please be in prayer for Gordon. He sees the surgeon on the 19th for two tumors in his hip. This is the third time they have grown back.

*Pray for Howard Lawrence who has a broken hip bone with an infection in it and a UTI. They will be checking for bone cancer as well.

*William Pan says he is unemployed and really needs money for living expenses. He asks you to please pray God will soon bless him financially.
*Please pray for Maggie. She needs God’s healing touch to relieve her of depression and panic attacks and financial stress.

September 13

  • UPDATE: Lynda Bahn notified us that she has been moved to Northern Colorado Rehab in Longmont. She is back on her medication and it is starting to make her feel better, but not yet great. If anyone would like to visit Lynda (she would LOVE it) please call the church office for her room number!
  • Continue to keep in prayer all those who are victims of or helping to restore normal life to all of our areas struck by hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, tornadoes and forest fires. Our prayers can bring them great comfort from the Lord.

September 11

  • Physical therapy has determined that Monte Pescador does not need a knee replacement at this point Praise the Lord! But they are still unsure of quite what is wrong and will continue on with PT.
  • Please pray for the families, firefighters, communities, and all that are being affected by the Western fires.
  • Grace Becker needs your prayers as her hand is currently swollen from a bee sting.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to lift up Bob & Deb Kehler.
  • Lift up all of the families, areas, Emergency Responders and volunteers who are affected by, helping with, and currently suffering through the hurricane turmoil.
  • Diana Hop has a nephew and family living in Ft Myers, Florida who refuse to evacuate and they will ride out the hurricane. Pray that God keeps them safe.
  • Please be in prayer for Ben Minor who is going through major health problems.
  • Al & Tami Morgan’s adopted daughter, Shondra, has developed scoliosis, which is now causing much pain, unemployment, and blindness. Please keep Shondra in your prayers.
  • Martha Lyde asks for your prayers for her niece and family. Kimberly and Paul live in an apartment that was flooded in Houston. They were told not to plan to get back in until December.

September 8

  • Al and Tami Morgan need your prayers. Al lost his job on September 7, and Tami was laid off a while ago. Pray that some job opportunities open soon for the Morgans.

September 5

  • Please be in prayer for Linda Kammerer’s husband. He will have major surgery on September 6.
    UPDATE from Linda on September 6: Ed just got done with five-hour surgery. He did well. It will be a while before I get to see him. Thank you for the prayers everyone.
  • Helen Rake has moved rooms again in the nursing home and it is thought she may need to be moved into the memory wing. Helen is having a hard time breathing as well so time in the hospital could be needed. Please lift up Helen and her family.
  • Prayers are needed for Jason Johns and family. He was in a car accident with his three kids in the car. His 5-year-old has several fractures in her back and is in critical condition and his 8-year-old also is in critical condition and not having any brain activity.
  • Please pray for Joe C, that he may continue towards sobriety and begin the path of faith.
  • Be in prayer for Bobbie Glock who has Stage IV cancer.
  • Lynda Bahn is in need of your prayers. She has been admitted to Longmont United Hospital today for her MS. She had been on a path to change her medication but her team was unaware that the medication would not be available until January. Lynda will resume her old meds until the new medication is available. She is hoping to leave the hospital by Friday.
  • Janet DeAnda had cataract surgery today, and it went great! Thank you all for your prayers, and please continue to lift up Janet as she recovers.

August 31

  • UPDATE: Please continue to be in prayer for Buster and Dee Kamakaris. Buster has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in his liver and his rectum. He will meet with doctors this week to determine how they will move forward. Please keep the Kamakaris family and the medical team in your prayers.

August 30

  • Please be in prayer for Buster Kamakaris.
  • UPDATE: Continue to lift up Lynda Bahn. She continues to receive treatment, and had a successful second cataract surgery today! God is good!
  • Please add Norma Clinkinbeard’s friend's friend, Sharon, to your prayer list. She has just been diagnosed with Stage IV uterine cancer with few treatment options. Medication is all they are recommending at this stage.
  • Debbie Betts has undergone a foot surgery, and Shelly Becker has set up a Meal Train! If you can, please consider signing up!

August 29

  • Please continue to lift up Isaac and the whole Becker crew.
  • Pray for Deandra Davis that her back surgery goes well.
  • Pray that Amy Swimley comes back to the Lord, and brings her cute kids with her!
  • Ronie Jalving needs prayers for strength in the struggles she’s facing.
  • Elise Puskas prays that she will have a healthy baby; add her to your prayers too, please.
  • Prayers are asked for Kristi Linton, for strength as she is still grieving her husband’s death.
  • The State of Texas and its residents need many prayers as they work through the flooding, the rumble, and the eventual chaos.
  • Pray for Lynda Bahn who will have her second cataract surgery on August 30th.
  • Pray for EJ Maline, that the Lord will give him all the help he needs. EJ was placed in residential treatment after threatening his teachers at school. Pray also that Sharron Maline will receive her peace about putting EJ into the residential program.
  • Diane Cox asks you to pray for help with her back and hip pain.
  • Jim Lewis went home from the mental hospital after they just said he needs to go to the State hospital. Keep Jim in your prayers. Be also in prayer for Glenn Lewis and Mary White who are helping with Jim.
  • Pray for the Harbert family. Dean’s father went to the ER this weekend.
  • Linda Kammerer’s husband, Ed, is having surgery on September 6th. He will have a very major procedure related to blood lines. Pray for him to feel the Lord’s presence.
  • Prayers are needed for Caydee Minto, Judy Ekstein's granddaughter. She went to the ER night before last because of a viral bronchitis attack. She is back home resting now.
  • UPDATE: Geri Clark is recovering well from her shoulder surgery! She returned to Denver this week for a checkup. Please continue to lift Geri and her recovery up in prayer!

August 28

  • Please keep Pearl Wakefield (Joe's stepmother) and family in your prayers. Her son died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday.

August 25

  • Monte asks for prayers for Texas, especially Port Lavaca and Rebecca's Uncle Stan Cloud working there as well as comfort for his wife, Nelda and the rest of the family.

August 24

  • Prayers for Carol Hellyer and crew! They are finally ready to move on to a new place for their family, and are in need of a few helping hands this weekend. If you can help Carol and her crew, please contact the family or the church office!

August 22

  • Please lift up both Anne Gargano and Ruth Merrick, who are battling cancer. We pray over their hearts, their patience, and their medical staff.
  • Please continue to pray for Linda Rea, her leg pain keeps her from sleeping.
  • Prayer of thanksgiving – the O2 has been a great help for Diana Hop. Has taken care of a lot of issues! Praise the Lord!
  • Janet DeAnda thanks you all for your continued prayers!
  • Frank Romero was hospitalized with internal bleeding and may need surgery. Please lift up the family and Frank at this time, as they move forward.
  • Please continue to lift up Scott Lane. He is going through the steps to prepare for dialysis and needs prayers that a kidney donor can be found.
  • Please lift up Charlotte Baca, who may be in need of a leg surgery. Please lift up Charlie, her family and the medical team as they decide just what will be best!
  • Prayers for Morgan Orr (daughter of Korina Ramsey), who is pregnant and due Sept. 11th. She just found out that she might have to induce labor on Aug 22nd due to eclampsia. Please pray that both she and her baby Maddox are healthy and thriving.
  • Pray for Carlos, who will soon be released from prison, that he be accepted in a halfway house in the north Denver area.
  • Please pray for the safety of all our much appreciated police men & women.
  • Sarah Busskohl’s grandma is celebrating her 90th birthday this week! Praise the Lord! Please pray for safe travels for the family as they head to NE to celebrate with her!
  • Please pray for J. Lombardi, a good friend of Erin Vasseur. She lost her husband of 33 years unexpectedly Saturday. He was scuba diving and they think he may have had a heart attack or stroke. Please keep J and her entire family in your prayers.