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July 19

  • Please be in prayer for the Lavinia Housley family as she passed this Sunday evening. Pray for peace, strength, and the Lord’s help as the family adjusts to her absence. She sure loved her NCC family!
    Lavinia’s viewing will be Thursday, July 20, 6-8 pm at the Aspen in Commerce City. The funeral will be Friday at 11 am at Northglenn Christian Church, 1800 E 105th Place.
  • Prayers are needed for Wayne Rea & Rhonda Lombardi for their peace and patience.
  • Rebecca Graves asks for prayers as she is currently at Army Boot Camp.
  • Praise to the Lord for the Spriggs’ fantastic trip and Sharon thoroughly enjoyed herself!
  • Prayers are needed for people in India. In Sicily Mattern’s state, Kerala, so many are dying because of dengue fever (transferred through mosquito bites).

July 17

  • A recent caller praises the Lord!! She asked for prayers a few days ago for Katherine Wohlford who was in a coma and against all the doctors said about Katherine not waking from her coma, she awoke Friday morning and has even said a few things to her family. Continued prayers for her future recovery and all glonry and praise to God. You are truly amazing!
  • Ray Betts asks you to please pray for him. He was in a car accident on June 29th. There have been unexpected complications with his back and kidneys. Ray has had a MRI and the family is waiting on results. He has been unable to work since July 6th.
  • Melanie Scott needs prayer for her cat to return. She said she must not have closed the back door all the way last night. On the upside, she is grateful that no intruders came in.

July 13

  • Dan Waggoner was taken to St. Anthony North hospital by ambulance early this morning. His wife, Janice, reports that Dan has an ulcer and Barrett esophageal ulcer. They are keeping him overnight. Then, he will be on a liquid diet for a while. Lift Dan and Janice and the family in your prayers. Pray for smooth healing and as little pain as possible.
  • Vi Robinson asks for your immediate prayers for her 17-year-old grandson, Josh Spille, who is with a Christ in Youth group in California. Josh has had a seizure and a brain scan does not indicate there is any tumor. Before more testing can be done, a parent must be present to authorize tests. Josh’s father, Jeff, is on his way to California. Josh is of the same family as Jenna Spille, who you will remember had very serious brain cancer previously. The family is understandably extremely concerned. Please pray for the Lord to direct the physicians in their testing, diagnosing, and treatment. Ask for comfort and strength for the family and the Lord’s mercy for Josh and his condition.

July 12

  • Kathryn Wohlford had a seizure leading to cardiac arrest. She is only in her mid-30s. The doctors say she is in a coma and they do not know if she will ever wake up. God can cure all. Pray for her to wake up and recover from this. Her family is devastated and in turmoil.

July 11

  • Please be in prayer for Whole Family Legal. They are in need of prayers for provision and guidance in a time of great storm.
  • Continue to lift up Monte Pescador for patience and guidance and to let go of his own control as well as businesses closing and new doors opening.
  • Lorraine Buckelew thanks everyone for their prayers and asks that they continue as she has nine more radiation treatments to go! God is good!
  • Prayers are needed for Myra Escue. She injured her tailbone two weeks ago and it continues to be very painful. She is also battling a constant toothache. Myra is awaiting results from the Dr. about her tail bone. Pray for comfort and peace while she waits patiently!
  • Please keep those wonderful firefighters in your prayers! They demonstrate love and commitment every day and we are so thankful for them! Pray for their safety, for the areas they are trying to save, and for their families that are waiting for them to get back home!
  • Continue to lift up Lynda Bahn who is improving, but still not where she hopes to be. She will begin a new medication in August and is hopeful of good results! Lynda also will be having cataract surgery in August. Keep Lynda and her health in your prayers!
  • Alan Marquez asks that we continue to pray with him for the men and women he ministers to in the jails and prisons.
  • Sharon Pond asks that you pray that she will heal quickly from her upcoming surgery at the end of July, and that Tom will have the strength to care for her needs during recovery.
  • Lift up Aiden Heater. He is a 10-year-old with pneumonia and ear infections that have led him to be hospitalized.
  • The Becker family asks for prayer over their family’s unity and healing, specifically for wisdom in raising teenagers. Please lift up the whole family!
  • Maggie Carabelo’s brother, Brad, is in need of your prayers. He asks that he would be healed emotionally and physically. Also, that he would seek salvation and bring his family to the Lord. Pray for Brad and his family, as well as for Maggie as her heart yearns for her brother’s health and safety and that only comes from our God!
  • The Uribes are just beginning their journey into foster care with hopes of adoption! Please keep this family in your prayers as they begin to take the steps to becoming a bigger family! Pray for their hearts, what a love to share!
  • Anthony Sirianni asks God to fill him with power.

July 5

  • Please keep Roger Blakley in your prayers. He is having a rough time going through stem cell treatment for leukemia.
  • Please continue lifting up Alan Marquez and his ministry at the Adams County Jail.
  • Lift up the families at NCC. Sometimes doing life together can be just plain HARD! Pray for marriages, families, and relationships to lean on Him when times get tough.
  • Ruth Merrick needs your prayers. She is just not feeling or doing well!
  • Praise God that He is here for us in the hard times! Life can be so overwhelming and sometimes the negative sounds so much grander than the positive! Be thankful for a Lord who is here in ALL seasons of life!
  • Pray for all of our members who are traveling this week! Pray for safety and great memories made along the way!
  • Your prayers are needed for Hope Bagby, cousin of the Waggoners – she has cancer in her mouth.

June 29

  • UPDATE: Janice Sponseller is happily residing with her daughter Nancy and her husband. Camille Butler was delighted with a phone visit she had with Janice. It was wonderful to hear the lift in her voice and her words, “I feel just like I used to; I feel really good!” Janice said her therapists are coming to the house and making her work hard on speech, physical needs and occupational activities. She thanks all of you for the visits, calls and prayers. To contact Janice, call the church office for her phone number and address.

June 27

  • UPDATE: Praise the Lord, Janice Sponseller has left the rehab center and is staying with her daughter, Nancy. Janice welcomes your phone calls to keep her company. Contact the church office for the number to reach Janice.

June 26

  • Prayers are requested for Andy Anderson, father of Debbie Davidson, for healing of a stent that was put in his heart and healing for the open wound on his leg. He is diabetic on top of it all! Pray for Andy for patience, healing and comfort.
  • Please continue to lift up Lorriane Buckelew, who has six more weeks of radiation scheduled.
  • Praise the Lord for Judy Renner’s new job!
  • Please lift up Sheila in your prayers as she copes with the loss of her husband.
  • Pray for Christina Smith whose baby is due July 1st! Pray for the mama, medical staff, and family. Praise the Lord for new life!
  • Please lift up Zora as she works through a rough period, knowing she will need at least one more ankle surgery.
  • Praise the Lord! Josh Arnold passed his exams! He and Leslie will be moving to Albuquerque for his new job. Please lift up this huge transition in their life!
  • Continue to lift up Anne Gargano. She received word this week that her tumor is getting smaller, but she still has a long road ahead. Praise the Lord for progress and healing!
  • Please lift up the Bible Bowl team as they are in Kansas City for the North American Christian Convention and Bible Bowl Nationals! We pray that God will shine bright through our NCC family!
  • UPDATE: Lynda Bahn is at home but is still struggling with eating without choking and getting around. She has lost weight much faster than the doctor would have predicted and that has him concerned. She has another appointment this week. Thanks for all of the prayers.
  • UPDATE: The GCU Theological Seminary group that met this last week thanks everyone for the prayers and continuing to raise up Dakota in prayer. No word from his father yet about how he is doing. We’re all hoping that no news is good news at this point. What we do know is it was apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound from playing with a gun.

June 24

  • Carol Hellyer asks that we please pray for Marise Rose DiGiovanni, who is having emotional problems.

June 23

  • Pam Young has a friend who is struggling right now. She is not in a very good place spiritually or emotionally. Her name is Tamera. Please pray that God can reach her and that she accepts his love.
  • Monte Pescador received this request from one of his classmates: Hey, can you help me get a prayer chain going for Micheal Bass's little boy named Dakota Miller. They had to life flight him. He shot himself and he's on life support. Forward this to everyone you can please! It's really appreciated.