What Kind of Church

At Northglenn Christian Church, you will find a group of fellow sojourners who are seeking ways to have a closer relationship with God. We believe that the path for our sojourn begins with a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We do not consider ourselves different from or better than everyone else. Everyone needs a closer relationship with God.

We are a church for anyone and everyone, and we want to help all other people – regardless of their age, gender, race, education, or economic status – to get started down the path to a closer relationship with God. We are a community, which means we are a diverse group of people. About the only thing we all have in common is our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

As you can see and read in our Web site, we have lots of programs and activities for just about everybody. You'll have to visit us personally to get a feel for what kind of church we are, but you can read our basic beliefs before your visit.